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Jose-Miguel Albaine, M.S., PE
Structural Engineer

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Jose-Miguel Albaine is a Project Engineer and Chief Structural Designer/Engineer with JM Albaine Engineering, LLC. His responsibilities include: design, analysis, and evaluation of new and existing structures, and substructures for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Other duties include: project and construction management, assistance to owner/client with project development, marketing of services, inspection and monitoring of construction, special consultation to other professionals (architects, engineers,) in the field of construction, and independent review of threshold structures. Mr. Albaine is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, and a special instructor at the University of Connecticut, where he teaches basic structural design in steel, concrete, and wood at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Mr. Albaine is a registered Professional Engineer in three states.

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Course No. Courses Provided by Jose-Miguel Albaine, M.S., P.E. PDH Units Current Price Buy Quiz
S134 Design of Bolts in Shear-Bearing Connections per AISC LRFD 3rd Edition (2001) 3 $89 Buy Quiz
S152 Design of Reinforced Concrete Beams per ACI 318-02 3 $89 Buy Quiz
S153 Shear Strength of Reinforced Concrete Beams per ACI 318-02 4 $119 Buy Quiz
S154 Design of Fully Restrained Moment Connections per AISC LRFD 3rd Edition (2001) 4 $119 Buy Quiz
S165 Design of Beams and Other Flexural Members per AISC LRFD 3rd Edition (2001) 4 $119 Buy Quiz
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