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Gary W. Castleberry, PE
Electrical Engineer

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Mr. Gary Castleberry has over 28 years of nuclear industry experience. Gary’s considerable project experience includes three SGR and Reactor Head projects as Lead Electrical Engineer; Fire Protection, Mirror Insulation and Facilities Project Manager; and Civil Engineering support on containment construction openings in post-tensioned concrete containments. Gary’s large project experience also includes Manager of Projects for post-TMI modifications, Main Electrical Generator Replacement, Control Room Modernizations, and new 230kv offsite power source installations. Gary’s years of experience with public utilities at operational nuclear power plants, severing in all levels of management along with his SRO Certification gives him an excellent operational focus and commitment to excellence. Gary has held numerous outage management positions which include: Outage Shift Manager, Containment Manager, and Outage Control Center Manager.

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