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Jeffrey Havelin, PE
Civil Engineer

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Jeffrey Havelin, PE, BSCE has over 40 years of experience in civil, structural, and environmental engineering. He is a graduate of Clarkson College of Technology where he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering. He currently holds professional engineering licensure in Florida (retired) and New York. He was also a registered State of New York- Code Compliance Manager which provided him the legal authority to issue building permits. Mr. Havelin is the CEO of Advanced Thermal Solar, LLC.

His experience and hard work in the public sector have enabled Mr. Havelin to reach the distinguished position of Associate Engineer within a State agency that covers two counties. His perusal of all of the engineering projects produced by his engineering staff, and consulting firms for code compliance and viability is critical for general operations. The projects produced out of his office cover a multitude of various disciplines, including historic preservation, architectural restoration, structural, mechanical, environmental, and civil engineering projects.

Mr. Havelin’s very diversified project design experience includes reconstruction of dams, design of multi-span bridges, repairs to sewage treatment plants, marine construction projects, including multi-million dollar fishing piers and boat ramps, subsurface sanitary systems, and even includes residential and commercial wood frame structures in high wind and flood zones.

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Course No. Courses Provided by Jeffrey Havelin, PE PDH Units Current Price Buy Quiz
A105 Preservation Standards and Guidelines for Historic BuildingsPE & RA 5 $129 Buy Quiz
A105N Preservation Standards and Guidelines for Historic BuildingsPE & RA 5 $129 Buy Quiz
A106 Rehabilitation Standards and Guidelines for Historic Buildings 5 $129 Buy Quiz
A107 Restoration Standards and Guidelines for Historic Buildings 5 $129 Buy Quiz
A108 Reconstruction Standards and Guidelines for Historic Buildings 2 $59 Buy Quiz
A109 Repointing Mortar Joints in Historic Masonry Buildings 2 $59 Buy Quiz
A110 The Preservation and Repair of Historic Stained and Leaded Glass 2 $59 Buy Quiz
A111 Conserving Energy in Historic Buildings 1 $29 Buy Quiz
A112 The Preservation of Historic Barns 1 $29 Buy Quiz
A113 Repair and Replacement of Historic Slate Roofs 1 $29 Buy Quiz
A114 Preservation of Historic Adobe Buildings 1 $29 Buy Quiz
A115 Historic Roofing Materials in America 1 $29 Buy Quiz
A115N Historic Roofing Materials in AmericaPE & RA 1 $29 Buy Quiz
A116 Preserving Historic Glazed Architectural Terra-Cotta 1 $29 Buy Quiz
A117 Making Historic Properties Accessible 1 $29 Buy Quiz
A118 Repair of Historic Clay Tile Roofs 1 $29 Buy Quiz
A119 Reducing Lead-Paint Hazards in Historic Housing 1 $29 Buy Quiz
C217 Design of Radon Resistant Residential Structures 4 $119 Buy Quiz
C218 Reduction of Radon Levels in Schools and Other Large Buildings 4 $119 Buy Quiz
C219 Prevention of Coastal Erosion 5 $129 Buy Quiz
C220 Assessing the Vulnerability at Coastal Sites 6 $149 Buy Quiz
C221 Historic Review of Coastal Engineering 4 $119 Buy Quiz
C222 Germicidal Treatment of Wastewater Effluent - Eliminate TRC Concerns 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C223 Low Cost Options for Shore Protection 11 $269 Buy Quiz
C224 Reducing Lead Hazards during Renovation 2 $59 Buy Quiz
C226 Design and Construction of Earth and Rock Fill Dams 6 $149 Buy Quiz
C231 Reduction of Lead Hazards During ConstructionABIH CM APPROVAL #07-1666 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C235 Inspection of Highway and Rail Transit Tunnels 10 $249 Buy Quiz
C236 Durability of Geosynthetics for Highway Applications 1 $29 Buy Quiz
C244 Ensuring that Structures Built on Fill, Are Reasonably Safe from Flooding 2 $59 Buy Quiz
C245 Construction of Crawlspaces in Buildings Located in Special Flood Zones 1 $29 Buy Quiz
C246 Design and Construction of Breakaway Walls 1 $29 Buy Quiz
C279 Review of the Devastating Impacts of Woody Plants on Earthen Dams 6 $149 Buy Quiz
C775 Residential Foundation Designs in Coastal Areas 15 $349 Buy Quiz
E195 New Advances in Wind Powered Electric Generation Technology 2 $59 Buy Quiz
E196 Fuel Cells- New Energy for the Future 3 $89 Buy Quiz
E197 New Advances in Geothermal Technology 3 $89 Buy Quiz
E198 Advances in Hydroelectric Power Technology 2 $59 Buy Quiz
E199 Small Wind Powered Electric Generation Systems 2 $59 Buy Quiz
E200 Advances in Solar Electric Generation Technology 2 $59 Buy Quiz
E201 Design of Microhydro or Small-Scale Hydroelectric Systems 1 $29 Buy Quiz
E203 Design and Planning of Hydroelectric Power Plant Facilities 4 $119 Buy Quiz
E205 Recent Advances in Photovoltaic Technology and Solar Thermal Technology 2 $59 Buy Quiz
E206 Wind Energy Applications for Municipal Water Services 3 $89 Buy Quiz
E307 Concentrating Solar Power - Commercial Applications 3 $89 Buy Quiz
G194 PE Guide to the ENERGY STAR ® Label for Buildings 2 $59 Buy Quiz
G221 Energy Star® Strategies for Upgrading Existing Buildings 12 $299 Buy Quiz
G226 Energy Star® Qualified - New Homes 6 $149 Buy Quiz
G248 Reducing Fossil Fuel Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions with Solar Water Heating 2 $59 Buy Quiz
M267 Geothermal Heat Pump Systems 4 $119 Buy Quiz
S191 Constructing Residential Structures in Coastal Areas 4 $119 Buy Quiz
S192 Design of Residential Buildings in (High-Wind) Coastal Areas 12 $279 Buy Quiz
S193 Analysis and Design of Dams for Earthquakes 6 $149 Buy Quiz
S194 Determination of Design Loads Specific for Structures in Coastal Areas 6 $149 Buy Quiz
S195 Ice Forces on Structures 4 $119 Buy Quiz
S207 Review of American Softwood Lumber Standard- PS 20 4 $119 Buy Quiz
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