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Jane Showalter Thomas, PE, CPEA
Environ./Civil Engineer

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Jane Thomas, a graduate of Purdue University, is an environmental engineer with 24 years experience in industry and environmental consulting. Her practice covers a wide range of environmental issues, including environmental compliance, auditing, training, environmental management systems, spill prevention and response planning, storm water pollution prevention planning, and emergency preparedness.

Ms. Thomas is a licensed professional engineer, a Certified Professional Environmental Auditor (Board of EHS Auditor Certifications), and a certified Environmental Compliance Auditor (RABQSA International). In addition, she is an FAA-certified Ground Instructor who teaches student pilots about navigation, physics of flight, and aviation regulations; and she performs workshops on emergency preparedness in the community.

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C251 New Hazardous Waste Manifest Rules 1 $29 Buy Quiz
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