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Charles A. Patterson, PE
Nuclear Engineer

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Mr. Patterson is a graduate of Idaho State University and is a licensed Professional Engineer in two states. He is also a graduate of The University of Alabama in Huntsville with a Masterís degree in Administrative Science. Mr. Patterson began his career in the nuclear field while serving in the US Navy nuclear submarine program. After obtaining his engineering degree he worked for Westinghouse at Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory and Alabama Power Company before joining the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). He retired from the NRC in 2007. He managed several field offices for the NRC as the Senior Resident Inspector at two multi-unit boiling water reactors sites and two multi-unit pressurized water reactors sites. He gained experience in all aspects of commercial nuclear power plant operation. This included operational safety, security, health physics, emergency preparedness, maintenance, modifications, and engineering. He assured that his assigned plant was operated and maintained in accordance with federal rules and regulations to insure the health and safety of the public. Operational events were reviewed using probabilistic risk assessment to determine the safety significance of issues. Mr. Patterson has been active in the American Nuclear Society serving as past local section Chairman.

Since leaving the NRC, Mr. Patterson has worked as a consultant in business and the nuclear industry. In 2008, he formed his own company, First Coast Studies, Inc. He designed and maintains his own company website.

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