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Joseph Ofungwu, Ph.D., PE
Enviromental Engineer

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Dr. Ofungwu is an environmental professional with over 18 years of hands-on experience in environmental practice, including contaminant impact analysis, human health and ecological risk assessment, pollutant fate and transport modeling in ambient air, soil, ground and surface water. Through the course of his well-rounded environmental career, Dr. Ofungwu has enthusiastically advocated statistics as an effective means of incorporating the scientific method in environmental decision making. Given the fact that environmental practice is all about data analysis and the reality that there is no data analysis without statistics, this statistical course series is designed to demystify the subject in the context of environmental analysis. A licensed professional engineer and author, he is a visiting professor with the Urban Environmental Systems Management Department at Pratt Institute and currently engaged in associated educational endeavors.

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G446 Environmental Statistics with R: Simple Linear Regression 12 $249 Buy Quiz
G446T Environmental Statistics with R: Simple Linear Regression (Timed & Monitored) 12 $249 Buy Quiz
G448 Environmental Statistics with R: Multiple Linear Regression 16 $369 Buy Quiz
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