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Terry S. Cory, PE
Electrical Engineer

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Mr. Cory is a graduate of North Dakota State and Stanford Universities, and has previously been licensed in the States of Iowa and Texas. His technical expertise is in electromagnetics, antennas, and wireless air-interface radio propagation prediction–including performance simulation and field testing. He is the co-developer of the Athena RF planning tool, embodying the Canadian CRC-Predict engine as well as proprietary engines for computing interference, frequency planning, and the Ec/Io metric needed for CDMA including WCDMA access overlays for UMTS embodied in HSPA and HSPA+ technologies. Mr. Cory was the CEO and RF technical designer for the former Dot11 Networks high-speed internet network in Ft. Worth, Texas.; and, using Athena, provided the initial RF design for the large-scale Bug Tussel GSM network in Wisconsin–now a subsidiary of Hilbert Communications Inc. He continues to advise developers and independent telco operators in Iowa under the Iowa Wireless Services umbrella regarding 3G and 4G provision options for broadband telecommunuications in rural areas.

Mr. Cory additionally has performed wireless engineering services to the U.S. Government in both U.S. Defense Department and U.S. Department of the Interior/U.S. Bureau of Mines areas over a wide range of frequency spectra. Specific areas include tactical HF communications, airborne and ground-based VLF platforms, and HF antennas.

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