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Lawrence J. Marchetti, PE
Mechanical Engineer

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Lawrence Marchetti, PE, holds associate of applied science degrees in fire science technology and mechanical design. Mr. Marchetti has 16 years experience working for consulting engineering firms as a mechanical engineer specializing in Plumbing, HVAC, and Fire Protection System design. Mr. Marchetti is a member of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE), American Society of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), and National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE).

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Course No. Courses Provided by Lawrence J. Marchetti, PE, CFPS PDH Units Current Price Buy Quiz
M110 Introduction to Fire Protection Systems 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M110N Introduction to Fire Protection SystemsHSW 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M139 Valves 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M139T Valves (Timed & Monitored) 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M140 Pumps 3 $89 Buy Quiz
M140T Pumps (Timed & Monitored) 3 $89 Buy Quiz
M141 Heat Exchangers 2 $59 Buy Quiz
M141T Heat Exchangers (Timed & Monitored) 2 $59 Buy Quiz
M142 Instrumentation and Controls 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M144 Diesel Engine Fundamentals 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M148 Smoke Movement in Buildings 3 $89 Buy Quiz
M282 Fire Dynamics Series: Fire Protection Fundamentals 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M312 Fire Dynamics Series: Estimating Fire Flame Height and Radiant Heat Flux From Fire 4 $119 Buy Quiz
M314 Fire Dynamics Series: Predicting Hot Gas Layer Temperature and Smoke Layer Height in a Room Fire with Natural and Forced Ventilation 3 $89 Buy Quiz
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