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Lawrence R. Eichner, PE
Fire Protection Engineer

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Mr. Eichner is a graduate of Columbia University Graduate School of Engineering with a MS and doctoral studies in Engineering Mechanics. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in Texas and a Professional Member of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE).
Mr. Eichner began his engineering career in 1968 and he practices fire protection engineering based on over 35 yearsí experience in the fire protection industry. His background includes consulting and fire protection contracting, project management, resolution of construction claims and disputes, technical marketing support, and engineering mechanics research. He has served as Senior Project Manager for two of the largest fire protection contractors in the industry, and he has managed the installation and conducted testing/commissioning of all types of fire protection systems including underground supply, fire pumps, water spray, mist, clean agent, high/low pressure CO2, foam, and allied alarm and detection in ordinary and special hazard industrial applications.
Mr. Eichner has created and validated a proprietary methodology to calculate the attenuation of thermal radiation due to an intervening water spray. He provides advanced water spray engineering solutions to heat control challenges in the offshore oil and gas industry.
Mr. Eichnerís experience extends to a wide variety of prominent projects for municipalities and Government agencies, as well as heavy industry and commercial endeavors both in the United States and overseas.

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