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Edward F Wahl, PhD, PE
Engineering Consultant

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Dr. Edward Wahl has multiple degrees from Harvard, MIT & Cornell (PhD). As program manager of geothermal research with Garrett Research and Development Company, he developed and prepared plans, programs, and proposals and supervised the design, contraction, and operation of several pilot plants. He taught the first session of the UN Geothermal Development Program started at the University of Auckland in 1980 as a United Nations visiting professor. While working at Boeing Aerospace Operations, he designed, organized and implemented data management system that integrated automation with navigation, propulsion, and telemetry groups for the JPL Voyager spacecraft. In 1990, Dr. Wahl received the NASA public service award, the highest NASA award & first time to a non-government employee. Since then, he has taught at Cleveland State University, Cal Poly Pomona, UC San Diego and University of Western Ontario. He developed cross-disciplinary course in state vector control theory for electrical, mechanical & chemical engineers using latest control theory. In addition, Dr. Wahl implemented new medical diagnostic systems and clinical studies at a number of University hospitals. He continues this work at advanced level in US and Europe. He has lectured around the world since 1996 in the field of Medicine and Engineering and taught courses to medical professionals (qualified for CE credits). Currently, he is a member of American Urology Association and European Society of Pediatric Urologists.

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M530 Geothermal Energy Utilization for Thermal Heating including Geo-inactive Regions 15 $349 Buy Quiz
M542W Fundamentals of Geothermal Heating (Live Webinar)PE, RA, AIA HSW
Next Web Seminar: Wed., Dec. 4, 2019, 1:00 PM - 4:50 PM, ET
4 $220 Buy Quiz
M595W Introduction to Geothermal Heating (Live Webinar)PE & RA
Next Web Seminar: Wed., Dec. 4, 2019, 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM, ET
2 $110 Buy Quiz
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