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Kenneth Abend, Ph.D.
Electrical Engineer

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Dr. Abend has fifty year experience of research, development and analysis of advanced digital and statistical signal processing systems and techniques for radar, sonar, communications, pattern recognition and ultrasound imaging. He is an expert in radar tracking, space-time processing, RFI suppression, spectral estimation, adaptive beam forming, smart antennas, and self-calibration and coherent imaging with distorted or distributed array apertures: real, synthetic, and inverse synthetic. Dr. Abend holds a TS clearance, serves on The Franklin Institute Committee on Science and the Arts, and taught graduate level E.E., Systems Engineering, and Mathematics courses (part-time) for more than 20 years. He is presently semi-retired and working as a consultant.

After leaving CCNY, his first assignment, at Philco Government and Industrial Research, in Philadelphia,involved development of a transistorized shift register for an Air Force spread spectrum digital communications system. He earned his MSE and PhD at Penn while working as a Sr. Engineer at the Philco-Ford Scientific Lab in Pennsylvania. He then became Principal Engineer at RCA Missile and Surface Radar, NJ, Supervisor Advanced Signal Processing at Interspec Government Programs, PA,Director Advanced Signal Processing Laboratory at Gorca Technologies, NJ, and Vice President and Chief Scientist at VueSonix Sensors, PA; all while teaching graduate courses part time at Penn State University Great Valley Graduate Center and at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

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