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Lars M. Lippard, PE
Mechanical Engineer

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Mr. Lippard is a graduate of North Carolina State University and is a licensed Professional Engineer. Mr. Lippard began his engineering career in 1979 in the electric utility industry. He has extensive experience in the design, operation and maintenance of both nuclear and fossil electric power plants. He worked for 25 years for one of the premiere electric utility companies in the United States known for design, construction and efficient operation of their power plants. He has worked since 2006 with two international nuclear power plant design companies performing plant design and licensing activities.

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E562 Guidelines for 10 CFR50.59 Evaluations 4 $119 Buy Quiz
E563 Introduction to Dedication of Commercial Grade Items USNRC Regulatory Guide 1.164 4 $119 Buy Quiz
E564 Healthy Nuclear Safety Culture Introduction 1 $29 Buy Quiz
G557 Inspection Guidelines to Detect Counterfeit and Fraudulent Material 2 $59 Buy Quiz
G558 Hobbies to Improve Engineering Skills 1 $29 Buy Quiz
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