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1. How does your continuing education program work?

All PDHonline courses are designed with a clear purpose and objective to maintain, improve, or expand the skills and knowledge relevant to the licensee's field of practice. Courses offered by PDH Center are state-of-the-art in the field of engineering and surveying. Each lecture is supplemented with new learning materials including links to additional resources and a quiz to help the attendee earn professional development hours (PDH units).

Developed and maintained by professional engineers, PDHonline.com/PDHonline.org/PDHcenter.com is a fully automated virtual classroom dedicated to online continuing education for engineers, surveyors, and geologists. Our server is programmed to conduct quizzes, issue Certificates of Completion, and keep records of your PDH activities on a 24/7 schedule.

All the online courses offered by PDHonline.com/PDHonline.org/PDHcenter.com comply with the model guidelines published by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES), which are adopted by most state boards of registration for PE & PLS. Because they are selected based on their educational background and practical experience, PDHonline instructors are qualified to teach the subject matter. Many of them have over ten years of practical experience and are registered professionals in their field of practice.

As an approved continuing education provider, PDHonline.com/PDHonline.org/PDHcenter.com maintains records of all online PDH activities for at least seven (7) years. Our records include the name of the attendee who satisfactorily completed the course, the type of activity, the date of the activity, the instructor's name, sponsoring organization, and the PDH credits earned. Copies of these records for audit verification purposes may be requested by sending emails to PDHonline.org, Inc./PDH Center.

Some states require continuing education providers to submit reports to their respective boards of registration. As an approved provider, PDH Center submits monthly or quarterly reports when required. These reports include the names and license numbers of all students completing PDHonline courses during that month or quarter and the PDH credits earned.

2. How do I take an online course?

Because it is not necessary to study the course materials online immediately after purchase, there are three methods you may use to take an online course.

Method A: Treat the online course as a home-study course. Here is the recommended procedure:

  1. Purchase the course using one of the payment options.
  2. Download the course files if they are in PDF or Word format.
  3. Print the course materials and quiz questions from your browser.
  4. Study the course materials at your own pace.
  5. Complete the quiz on paper (offline) if you like.
  6. Log onto our website and enter your quiz answers - our computer will grade your quiz immediately.
  7. Take the quiz again without additional charge, if you fail the quiz.
  8. Print the certificate of completion when you pass the quiz.
Method B: Take the online course entirely by computer. Here is the recommended procedure:
  1. Purchase the course using one of the payment options.
  2. Review the quiz questions online - you may optionally print the quiz questions.
  3. You may save the course materials and quiz questions on your computer for offline study.
  4. Study the course materials at your own pace online or offline.
  5. Complete the quiz online - our computer will grade your quiz immediately.
  6. Take the quiz again without additional charge, if you fail the quiz.
  7. Print the certificate of completion when you pass the quiz.
Method C: Take the online course using any combination of the techniques mentioned in Methods A & B.
3. How much time will I be allowed to complete a course?

You have one year from the date of purchase to complete the course.

4. How much time do I have to complete a quiz?

There is no time limit while you take the quiz. If you can't finish the quiz in one session, that's okay because our server will remember your partially completed quiz for 30 days as long as you are using the same browser and computer. However, you must complete the quiz within one year from the date of purchase.

5. Do you have a shopping cart?

Yes, we do. You may also use our course package deals to achieve just one payment transaction for a group of courses:

1. Select a PDH Course Package (Z-Course) based on the number of PDHs you need.
2. After making payment for the package, you may customize your package by selecting courses of interest to you through the "Courses To Be Completed" section under "My Account".
3. Once you confirm your selection, the courses you select will be automatically activated for you.

You may find PDH Course Package Deals in the right-hand side column of the PDH Online Course Library table or through the following link:

PDH Course Package Deals

6. How do I pay for the online courses?
To obtain PDH credits for any PDH online course, you must purchase the course and take a quiz. There are several payment options:

1. Payment by Credit Card or eCheck through Express Checkout.

Visa, MasterCard, AMEX & Discover

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. If you prefer to pay through PayPal, please send payment to PDHonline@Gmail.com and specify the course number(s) in the transaction note.

2. Payment by Check or Money Order

If you experience any difficulties in paying by credit card online or prefer to pay by check, you may purchase the course by sending a check or money order to:
5272 Meadow Estates Drive
Fairfax, VA 22030-6658
Note: The check or money order should be made payable to PDHonline.com or PDHcenter.com, and must be drawn on a US bank in US dollars. Once we receive your payment, we will notify you by email so that you can take the quiz and obtain your Certificate of Completion.

3. Payment by Credit Card through Phone or Email

We also accept credit card orders over the phone or email if you provide us with the following information:
Your name
Your daytime phone number
Credit card number
Credit card expiration date
The name on the credit card
The card code (CVV on credit card)
Course numbers or titles
Here is our phone number: 571-295-4410, and email address: PDHonline@Gmail.com. Once we receive your order, we will notify you by email about the course activation.

4. Payment through Purchase Order or Corporate Account

We accept purchase orders or corporate accounts. Please email us at PDHonline@Gmail.com and provide the following information to set up your corporate account or purchase order:
Your name
Your company name
Your company address
Your company phone number
The name & email of the contact person
Course numbers or titles
Special arrangements can be made to activate the courses using your corporate purchase order. Please contact us by phone or through email for details.
7. How can I get a complete record of the courses I have taken from your website?

You may obtain a complete record of the courses you have taken with us from "My Account" (on the top menu bar).

8. How can I contact the instructor?

You may contact the instructor through email. In your email, please include the instructor's name and course number, and be specific about the issues you would like to discuss. Due to the large number of email inquiries we receive, our instructors will normally respond to paid users only.

You may also contact the instructor through the quiz end questionnaire or through "My Account" for courses you have completed.

9. How may I become a PDHonline course provider?

If you are interested in becoming a PDHonline course provider, you should submit a resume, a brief biography, and a list of proposed course topics to our email address. We will review your educational background and practical experience, and will notify you of our decision within three business days. For more information, please click "Provider" on the top menu bar.

10. How many questions are in each quiz?

The number of quiz questions varies from course to course. There are a minimum of 10 quiz questions in each course offering less than 5 PDH credits, and a minimum of 20 quiz questions in each course offering more than 4 PDH credits. For courses approved by the Texas Land Surveying Board, there are 50 quiz questions for each course to meet the TX PLS Board requirement.

11. What happens if I miss a live webinar session?

You will be automatically enrolled in the next session. Most of our webinars are offered once every three to four months. Please check our website for specific webinar schedules.

12. What is the passing score for PDHonline quizzes?

Our reports include the names and license numbers of all registrants completing the PDHonline courses during the reporting period and the PDH credits earned.

16. Do you offer live seminars?

Yes, we offer live web seminars (webinars) through the Internet for certain topics. You can attend our webinars from your home or office using a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.

Our live webinar program has been approved by the New York State Board for Engineering and Land Surveying, and is acceptable to all other state boards. Please click "Live Courses & Web Seminars" for the upcoming webinar schedule.

17. Can I access online courses from any computer after the purchase?

Yes. As a matter of fact, you may access your courses using any computer or smartphone from anywhere around the world.

18. Why can't I receive the password I requested through your website?

Our server sends out your password immediately upon your online request. If you have not received your password through email, please check your junk or spam email folder if applicable. If it is not there or you do not have a junk email folder, please check your email filter setting. Some email systems may block emails from senders not listed in the contact list (whitelist).

As an alternative, you may try to log in using your security question if it has been set up previously.

19. Can I get a refund for my purchase?

As a registered user, you may preview almost all of our courses prior to the purchase. To protect the interest of our course authors, we'll refund your payment only if the course is not accepted by your state board. If you have not completed the quiz, you may request a course exchange if you find the course is not suitable for you. In this case, please send your request through "Contact Us" or call us at 571-295-4410.

20. Can I use the coupon code for multiple courses?

Yes. You may apply the coupon code to all of your purchases as long as the code has not expired. You need to enter the coupon code in Step 2 of the payment process for each course.

21. Can I share my discount coupon code with my colleagues?

Yes. You may share the coupon code with your colleagues and friends.

22. Where can I enter the coupon code?

You need to first click on "Buy Now" or "Proceed to Checkout" and then enter the coupon code in Step 2 of the payment process at the time of online purchase. You may use the coupon code multiple times before its expiration unless noted otherwise.

23. Do you report to the Florida Board?

Currently, we submit periodic reports to the Florida PLS Board, but not to the FL PE Board (not required anymore). Please note that you must provide us with your Florida PLS license number in your profile so that we can report your PDH credits. If you do not see your PDH credits after one month, please notify us through "Contact Us", and provide us with the course number and your Florida PLS Number in your message so that we can report your credits.

24. How can I buy multiple courses in one transaction?

You may use our shopping cart to purchase multiple courses in one transaction. Another option is to combine your courses and purchase a PDH Course Package (Z-Course), which enables you to make one payment for all of your courses and receive a volume discount. You may find PDH Course Package Deals in the right-hand side column of the PDH Online Course Library table or through the following link:

PDH Course Package Deals

25. How long does it take for you to activate my course after payment?

Usually, our course activation is instant upon your online payment. Occasionally, our server may miss communication with our payment gateway, and you may not be able to access the quiz immediately after the payment. In this case, please email us your payment receipt, and we will activate your quiz manually. If time is of the essence, you may go ahead to make the same purchase again and notify us that you have made duplicated payments. We will issue a full refund to your credit card for your duplicated payment on the following business day.

26. How do you determine the date of completion?

The date of completion for a course is the date you successfully complete the quiz, and is based on your time zone. Our server clock follows Eastern Time. If you are located in another time zone and you completed your course before midnight your local time, we can adjust the date of completion for you upon your request.

27. Can I view your sample certificate?

Yes, please click the sample certificate of completion for details.

28. Do you offer Timed & Monitored Online Courses for Ohio PE & LS?

Yes, please click Ohio Approved Courses for PE & LS for details. The following notice is posted for your information so that you know the difference between a Correspondence Course (e.g. an online course) and a Timed & Monitored Course (e.g. a live webinar):


Registrants are reminded that Board policy allows up to a maximum of three (3) hours of continuing professional development per year for the completion of correspondence courses (paper, online, or other formats) provided the course and course provider meet the requirements of R.C. 4733.151.

Important- Do not confuse correspondence courses and online courses. Correspondence courses are courses that involve reading articles or other texts and can be received by mail or online. Correspondence courses are typically self-paced and participation is not monitored by the provider. These types of courses are acceptable for up to three hours per year.

29. I am taking a Timed & Monitored Course, but the on-screen clock stopped. How do I restart the clock?

You may resume your clock by pressing F5 key on your keyboard or by refreshing your screen. Please note that for T&M courses, You need to actively view course content online - at least click your mouse once in a while. The on-screen tracking clock will stop if there is no activity for 10 minutes at your end.

If you could not find the answer to your question, please send your question through "Contact Us".