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Operational Amplifiers at Higher Frequencies

George Rutkowski, PE

This course includes a Review of Fundamentals and Glossary of Terms. It reviews and introduces many basic equations and terms related to applications of operational amplifiers (Op Amps). Manufacturers’ specifications (Specs) are included and are values applicable at low frequencies. At higher frequencies, these tend to change and affect how well Op Amp applications perform.

In this course, you will consider problems caused by the decrease (roll-off) of the open-loop gain AVOL at higher frequencies and how the gain vs. frequency curves of some Op Amps can be tailored by the circuit designer. With other Op Amp types, the gain versus frequency curves are set by the manufacturer. The universally accepted definition of the term bandwidth (BW) is described here. And you will learn the multiple ways that BW of amplifiers are determined. You will also become familiar with other notable frequency-related performances, such as output-voltage swing capabilities, slew rates (switching speeds), common-mode-rejection ratios and that Op Amps’ have internally-generated noise.

This course includes a multiple-choice quiz at the end, which is designed to enhance the understanding of the course materials.

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