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Calculating Currents in Balanced and Unbalanced Three Phase Circuits

Joseph E. Fleckenstein, PE

This six hour course describes the methods for calculating currents in balanced and unbalanced three phase circuits. The methodology treated in the course is of importance to any engineer who finds the need to determine currents in three phase circuits. Three phase circuits, of course, are the most common type of circuit for the transmission of electricity as well as the most common form of service to commercial and industrial installations. While the formulas for balanced circuits are relatively straightforward and readily applied, unbalanced three phase circuits present an entirely new set of challenges. Yet, unbalanced three phase circuits are common and, for a number of reasons, it is important that the currents in the various conductors be calculated correctly. Without correct determinations of currents, the associated electrical gear as cables, conduits, transformers and circuit protective devices cannot be properly sized. Upon completion of this course, a student will be able to calculate currents in any type of three phase delta or wye circuit that is balanced or unbalanced.

This course includes a multiple-choice quiz which presents the student with an opportunity to use the principles taught in the course.

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