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Selecting a Centrifugal Pump by System Analysis

Randall W. Whitesides, PE

Pump selection should be based on system evaluation, not on maximum flow and head. Maximum capacity and head are important pieces of information, but much more must be known to achieve the best pump installation. Just because a pump delivers enough liquid at the desired pressure does not prove the pump is adequate. The information presented in this course provides much of the information needed for an evaluation of most types of systems. Additional data will be needed for specific installations. This course includes a multiple choice quiz at the end, which is designed to enhance the understanding of the course materials.

User Feedback:
Great course as it is really focused and has some thought provoking comments. These pump courses are an excellent refresher for a ME (and probably a ChE). I would use the simple methods to check any mfg’s software results - better check than be sorry. I am so enthusiastic about the content and the cost that I am looking to continue with other courses even though I have satisfied my seven-state registration requirements for the next year.          ~Dr. Mounfield

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