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Design Safety Standards for Electrical Systems

Sean Guan, Ph.D.

Course Outline

1. Learning Objective
2. Course Introduction
3. Course Content
4. Course Summary
5. Related Links

This course includes a multiple choice quiz at the end.

Learning Objective

At the conclusion of this course, the student will:

Course Introduction

To handle electricity safely, it is necessary to follow the design safety standards in designing, using, and maintaining electrical equipment. These electrical standards help minimize potential hazards by specifying safety aspects in the design and use of electrical equipment and systems. This course is about the general requirements on the design standards for electrical systems. The information is not only essential to electrical engineers, but also valuable to all contractors and design professionals.

Course Content

The purpose of this course is to provide information related to the design safety standards for electrical systems. You will be directed to the OSHA's website to study the following regulation:

OSHA Regulation 1910.303: General Requirements-Design Safety Standards for Electrical Systems

The above publication discusses about the examination, installation, and use of electrical equipment as well as requirements on the conductor splices, arcing parts of electrical equipment, and marking of electrical equipment. It also provides design guidelines on the identification of disconnecting means and circuits, and access and working space around electrical equipment.  

For more information, you may refer to OSHA Regulation 1910.301 for the general introduction to electrical safety standards, OSHA Regulation 1910.302 for the scope of the regulation and extent of application, and OSHA Regulation 1910.399 for the definitions applicable to the regulation.

For information about controlling electrical hazards, you may refer to PDHonline Course e101: Controlling Electrical Hazards, which provides an overview of basic electrical safety for individuals with little or limited training or familiarity with electrical hazards.

Course Summary

The safety of electrical equipment is an important part of every safety and health program. Through this online course, licensed professionals and contractors can learn the general requirements on the design safety standards for electrical systems.

Related Links

For additional technical information related to this subject, please visit the following websites or web pages:

ESFI - Electrical Safety Foundation International
OSHA Technical Links - Electrical
OSHA Regulation Links - Electrical


Once you finish studying the above course content, you need to take a quiz to obtain the PDH credits.


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