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Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Design

Kevin A. Mussmacher, P.E.

Course Outline

The Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Design Course is a set of definitions, theories and practical guidelines which are helpful and necessary in the design of a low voltage landscape lighting system for both residential and commercial properties. The student should be able to master this course in 3-5 hours dependent on experience with electrical systems.

This course is divided into 6 sections each addressing one of the following topics:

Section 1 - Definitions and Theory
Section 2 - Types of Lighting Fixtures and Techniques
Section 3 - The Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Plan
Section 4 - Transformer Selection and Placement
Section 5 - Implementation Tips
Section 6 - Cost Estimating and Budgeting

This course includes a multiple-choice quiz at the end, which is designed to enhance the understanding of the course materials.

Learning Objective

This course will allow the student to:

Intended Audience

This course is intended for Architects and Engineers that want to add Landscape Lighting to the lists of services that they offer or just want to become more knowledgeable in an area of design that they may be required to review or supervise. This course might also be useful to landscape design professionals desiring to expand their list of services. Since this course is limited to low- voltage lighting techniques and equipment, no electrician license is required to perform this work.

Benefit to Attendees

Course Introduction

Landscape lighting has been recognized as a key element to the architectural aesthetics of a home or commercial property. Where previously lighting was used merely to light a pathway to let you see where you were walking, it is now used for safety, security and to enhance the beauty of structures and garden elements. It also enhances the value of properties by creating nighttime curb appeal and increased evening utility of the home's exterior features. This course will enable the designer to layout an effective and attractive lighting scheme and to select the proper elements for plan implementation.

Course Content

The course content is in a PDF file Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Design. You need to open or download this document to study this course.

Course Summary

Introduction to Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Design is a set of definitions, theories and practical guidelines helpful and necessary in the design of a low voltage landscape lighting system for both residential and commercial properties. It gives theory, practical examples of lighting layouts and real market examples of products available for plan implementation. Numerous links are provided below and in the body of the course to sites where more specific information on products may be obtained.

Related Links and References

The following publications are excellent references on this topic:

The Art of Outdoor Lighting: Landscapes With the Beauty of Lighting by Randall Whitehead
The Landscape Lighting Book by Janet Lennox Moyer

The following links provide product specifics for Low Voltage Landscape lighting: Intermatic Malibu® Landscape Lighting
FX Luminaire Inc. FX Luminaire Lighting Products
HADCO Lighting HADCO Lighting Products Residential Landscape Lighting & Design


Once you finish studying the above course content, you need to take a quiz to obtain the PDH credits.

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