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OSHA Safety Requirements for Construction (Part 2)

Course Outline

Each year, hundreds of construction fatalities occur as a result of accidents. Design professionals can minimize construction accidents by getting familiar with the OSHA safety regulations and promoting design for construction safety. This webinar series provide a general overview of the OSHA safety regulations (Standards 29 CFR Part 1926) for the construction industries. The second part of the series focuses on Subpart E - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Subpart P - Excavations, and Subpart Q - Concrete and Masonry Construction.

Learning Objective

At the conclusion of this course, the student will be familiar with the OSHA requirements for:

Intended Audience

This course is intended for engineers, architects and contructors who are involved in the design, construction and renovation of buildings and infrastructures.

Course Content

The following weblinks contain the reference materials for this webinar:

OSHA 3077 - Personal Protective Equipment (1998 edition, 29 pages, PDF file. File size: 298 KB).
OSHA 2226 - Excavations (2002 edition, 44 pages, PDF file. File size: 534 KB).
OSHA 3106 - Concrete and Masonry Construction (1998 edition, 32 pages, PDF file. File size: 416 KB).

Please click on the underlined hypertext above to view, download or print the document for your study. Because of the large file size, we recommend that you first save the file to your computer by right-clicking the mouse and choosing "Save Target As ...", and then open the file in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Course Summary

This course highlights the important aspects of OSHA safety requirements concerning personal protective equipment, trenches and excavations, concrete and masonry construction. To protect the safety of workers during construction, structural engineers, architects and contractors must adhere to the OSHA regulations during both design and construction phases of the project.

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Because this course is offered as a "live" course, you are required to attend the webinar at the scheduled time and date. Please check the Webinar Schedule under course description on our website for scheduled meeting date and time. We will send you an invitation to the webinar through email approximately 24 hours before the webinar (confirmation of the receipt of the invitation is required). The certificate of completion will not be issued unless you attend the webinar and pass a quiz. Thank you for your cooperation.


Before you attend the webinar, you need to print the quiz questions from your browser for the discussion during the webinar. At the end of the webinar, you need to complete the quiz and submit your answers to obtain the PDH credit (quiz deadline: midnight on the webinar date).

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