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Ten Essentials of Business Part 2

Proven Practices for Improving Business Management & Leadership

Davis M. Woodruff, PE, CMC

Course Outline

Essential 6: Implement a Quality System that Works
The system for quality is more important than the quality of a single product or service. With a comprehensive system for quality, prevention of issues will take priority. While this is not a quality management handbook, it will present the basics of an ISO 9001:2015 quality management system that works for any organization.

Essential 7: Practice Continual Improvement
Continual improvement is a must in today’s world. Instead of philosophical debates, organizations must simply have a process to identify improvement opportunities and get to work on the things they can improve. Grandiose plans are not what count, results count. This Essential answers the question, “How can we do the work better?” A PDCA worksheet is included for your use.

Essential 8: Focus on Results That Count
Measuring results implies that one has identified what needs to be measured in a given process. The language of management is $$$$. Too often systems are implemented and no established criteria for success are defined. This Essential will suggest various measurements and key indicators of productivity that make sense in today’s world.

Essential 9: Develop Internal Resources
Too often resource development is seen as simply another training program or another HR program. In reality, developing resources begins with defining the competencies required in the various positions in the organization and implementing a process to insure they are fulfilled. Resource development also involves processes, equipment, facilities, infrastructure and suppliers.

Essential 10: Use Technology Effectively
Using technology as a tool instead of an end is critical to leadership success. Many times technology creates barriers in relationships, gives so much data one has trouble identifying what’s really important, and sometimes even hinders productivity instead of improving productivity. This final Essential deals with proper use of technology in today’s business world. Never let your business systems (i.e. technology) dictate how you do business, use technology to help you do business more effectively.

This course includes a multiple choice quiz at the end, which is designed to enhance the understanding of the course materials.

Learning Objective

Upon completing this course participants should:

Intended Audience

Ten Essentials-Part 2 is for anyone who is in or who aspires to be in position of leadership or management in a business or other organization. Many times technical personnel (and others) are not hired or promoted knowing how to lead people and manage processes. The necessary competencies can be learned. This course shows what it takes to be an effective leader in today’s fast-paced, lean-staffed, time pressured and information driven organization. The Ten Essentials will help leaders become more valuable to their organization and more marketable to others.

Benefit to Attendees

Understanding applying these essentials for business success will help you become a more effective leader, be more valuable to your organization and provide tools to help you improve your business.

Course Introduction

Leading an organization to become the low cost, high quality producer is not easy. In this course we will take a journey through the business essentials that will guide you along the path to becoming a more effective leader of your organization. These are timeless principles that will not be “here today and gone tomorrow” nor do they apply in only your current position. These are transferable principles that are applicable wherever people and processes interact to produce a product or service.

Course Content

In this lesson, you are required to download and study the following course content in PDF format:

Ten Essentials of Business Part 2

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Course Summary

Now that we’ve covered all ten of the essential factors for business success, why not take a few minutes and evaluate your business using the checklist that accompanies this course. Knowing is NOT doing. We must KNOW and DO, so no time like now to get busy!

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