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Davis M. Woodruff, PE, CMC
Management Consultant

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Mr. Woodruff is a graduate of Auburn University and is licensed Professional Engineer. He is also a Certified Management Consultant which is the highest earned designation in the management consulting profession. Mr. Woodruff began his career in 1972 with 3M Company where he served in various engineering, production, maintenance, quality and general management positions. He has also managed a small electronics plant (early 1980's). He has consulted with over 130 different manufacturing organizations over the past two decades and brings real world experience to his clients. He has authored over 3 dozen nationally published articles, one full length book (Taking Care of the Basics, 101 Success Factors for Managers), a 58 minute video “A Manager’s Guide to the Ten Essentials; and a cd entitled “Managing Processes and Leading People.” He has served in various capacities in organizations and is a past president of the North Alabama section of A.I.Ch.E.

In addition to his industry and consulting experience, Mr. Woodruff has spoken professionally and presented programs for over two dozen local, national and international associations. He has also taught a management course for a local community college. Additionally, he has authored and presented scores of customized training programs for his clients.

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P208 Statistical Methods for Process Improvement - Part 2: Using the Normal Distribution 1 $29 Buy Quiz
P209 Statistical Methods for Process Improvement - Part 3: Using Process Control Charts 3 $89 Buy Quiz
P210 Statistical Methods for Process Improvement - Part 4: Using Data to Make Decisions 2 $59 Buy Quiz
P211 Statistical Methods for Process Improvement - Part 5: Understanding Process Capability 1 $29 Buy Quiz
P237 Risk Management Fundamentals 3 $89 Buy Quiz
P238 Ten Essentials of Business Part 1 2 $59 Buy Quiz
P239 Ten Essentials of Business Part 2 2 $59 Buy Quiz
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