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Dale Wuokko, PE
Civil Engineer

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Mr. Dale Wuokko is a graduate of Michigan Technological University and is a licensed Professional Engineer in two states. Mr. Wuokko began his engineering career in the electric power industry in 1977. He has extensive experience with electrical power infrastructure and has provided his expertise to utilities and architect/design firms in the areas of design requirements, state and federal regulatory permitting and licensing interactions, construction and compliance inspections, power plant infrastructure recovery and performance improvement, regulatory and technical reviews, and audits. Mr. Wuokko has more than 25 years of supervisory experience including that as a regulatory manager for a nuclear power station.
Mr. Wuokko has published papers with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and supported regulatory licensing activities for nuclear power plant I&C technical specification changes and an advanced digital instrumentation control system. At a major utility Mr. Wuokko addressed for federal regulators the cyberattack on a nuclear power station. He has performed cybersecurity policy and program research and analysis regarding risk and impact on critical energy infrastructure assets. Mr. Wuokko has been certified to handle nuclear security safeguards information.

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G583 Physical and Cyber Protection of Critical Pipeline Infrastructure 3 $89 Buy Quiz
G584 Basic Cybersecurity Actions for Your Engineering Firm 2 $59 Buy Quiz
G603 A Primer on the National Plan for the Protection of Critical Water Infrastructure 2 $59 Buy Quiz
G607 Portable Nuclear Moisture and Density Gauges Safety 1 $29 Buy Quiz
G608 Incidents Regarding Portable Nuclear Moisture and Density Gauges 1 $29 Buy Quiz
G609 Inspection of Portable Nuclear Moisture and Density Gauge Programs 1 $29 Buy Quiz
G613 Critical Infrastructure Cyber Incidents 3 $89 Buy Quiz
G616 Cybersecurity Terms and Definitions for Today’s Engineer 1 $29 Buy Quiz
G624 Cyber Risks for Renewable Energy Infrastructure 4 $119 Buy Quiz
G629 Portable Nuclear Moisture and Density Gauges Used in the Construction Industry 3 $89 Buy Quiz
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