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John Huang, PE
Engineering Consultant

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Dr. Huang, the founder of CHC Engineering, LLC, is a pioneer in online continuing education for engineers, land surveyors and architects. He is very familiar with the continuing professional competency guidelines established by National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) and with the continuing education requirements mandated by the state boards for professional engineers and land surveyors.

Dr. Huang was the grand prize recipient of 1992 CRSI Software Development Competition. As an engineering consultant, Dr. Huang has designed and developed more than 100 Internet-based training courses for professional engineers, land surveyors and architects.

Dr. Huang is a registered Professional Engineer in five states and a NCEES Council Record Certificate holder. As a practicing engineer, Dr. Huang has worked on a wide spectrum of engineering projects. His project experience includes various types of commercial and institutional facilities, including bridges.

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Course No. Courses Provided by Frank Russo, Ph.D., PE & John C. Huang, Ph.D., PE PDH Units Current Price Buy Quiz
C110 Painting: New Construction And Maintenance 10 $249 Buy Quiz
C116 Retaining and Flood Walls 15 $349 Buy Quiz
C116T Retaining and Flood Walls (Timed & Monitored) 15 $349 Buy Quiz
C117 Design of Sheet Pile Walls 6 $149 Buy Quiz
C118 Design of Pile Foundations 10 $249 Buy Quiz
C119 Bearing Capacity of Soils 8 $199 Buy Quiz
C119T Bearing Capacity of Soils (Timed & Monitored) 8 $199 Buy Quiz
C146 Micropile Design and Construction Part I 10 $249 Buy Quiz
C147 Micropile Design and Construction Part II 12 $299 Buy Quiz
C148 Drilled Shaft Design and Construction Part I 12 $299 Buy Quiz
C149 Drilled Shaft Design and Construction Part II 10 $249 Buy Quiz
C150 Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls (MSE) and Reinforced Soil Slopes (RSS) 10 $249 Buy Quiz
C152 Rock Foundations 12 $225 Buy Quiz
G101 ADA Standards for Accessible DesignPE & RA 8 $145 Buy Quiz
G126 What Do Engineers and Architects Need to Know about the Americans with Disabilities Act? 6 $149 Buy Quiz
R102 Engineering Ethics 1 $29 Buy Quiz
R105 Professional EthicsABIH CM APPROVAL #11-3818 1 $29 Buy Quiz
R107 Ethics for EngineersABIH CM APPROVAL #11-3820 2 $59 Buy Quiz
S122 Design of Short Span Steel Bridges 3 $55 Buy Quiz
S123 Fabricator's Economic Perspective on Steel Bridges 2 $49 Buy Quiz
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