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Timothy Laughlin, PE
Petroleum Engineer

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Timothy Laughlin, P.E. is the Technical Director of the N.C. Petroleum Marketers Association (NCPMA). He has over twenty years experience as NCPMA Technical Director requiring liaison skills between regulated petroleum industry and government regulators. He is responsible for petroleum industries consultation regarding EPA, API, NFPA, OHSA, NPDES, NC Building Codes, NC DWQ Groundwater and NC DAQ Air regulations, including the Federal Clean Air Act and UL Standards. Tim has written and published technical and environmental articles for national and regional trade publications, and has acted as cost analysis engineer in comparing heating fuels, heat loads and hydronic piping design.

Tim also has six years of experience as a Construction Project Engineer and Project Manager. His responsibilities included Contract Administration, Project Scheduling, Estimating, Capitol Expenditures, Drafting, Purchase Orders and Manager of Labor, Engineering, and Billing. Notable construction projects include 31 story First Union Capitol Center, NCSU Mars Mission Lab, DEM Reedy Creek Laboratory, and Pender County Correctional Facility.

Tim earned his degree in Petroleum Engineering Technology from Oklahoma State University in 1985. He is affiliated with NC Division Air Quality Mobile Source Emissions Reduction Grant Review Committee, National Society of Professional Engineers, National Fire Protection Association, Carolinas Air Pollution Control Association and NC HVAC Association. Nationally, Tim also servers Steel Tank Institute Aboveground Storage Tank Inspection Standards Committee (STI Certified AST Inspector), UL-142 Standards Technical Panel for Aboveground Storage Tanks and Below-Grade Vaults Committee, & National Oilheat Research Alliance Heating Oil Tank Standards and Fuel Quality Committees.

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C102 Environmental Protection Agency Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasure Plan 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C334 National Pollution Discharge Elimination System Plan for Petroleum Bulk Stations & Terminals 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C335 US EPA Emergency Planning & Community Right to Know Act for Petroleum Storage Facilities 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C466 Secondary Containment Structures Regulatory Requirements for Hazardous Materials 3 $89 Buy Quiz
G134 North Carolina & International Fire Codes For Storage of Flammable & Combustible Liquids At Petroleum Facilities 4 $119 Buy Quiz
G136 NFPA Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code 58 Fire Safety Analysis Plan and O&M Instructions for Propane Storage Systems 3 $89 Buy Quiz
G156 Environmental Regulations and Codes For Underground Tank Storage of Flammable & Combustible Liquids 2 $59 Buy Quiz
G324 US Environmental Protection Agency Facility Response Plan 4 $119 Buy Quiz
K107 Combustion of Number 2 Fuel Oil & Pressure Atomizing Burners 4 $119 Buy Quiz
K117 Petroleum Engineering & Petroleum Downstream Marketing 2 $59 Buy Quiz
K123 Use of Bio Diesel and Ethanol (Biofuels) as an Alternative Motor Fuel 3 $89 Buy Quiz
K126 Use of Compressed Natural Gas and Liquefied Petroleum Gas as an Alternative Motor Fuel 3 $89 Buy Quiz
K130 USCG Mobile Marine Transportation Related FRP 3 $89 Buy Quiz
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