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A House with a Revolving View

Ruben A. Gomez, PE

In general, the traditional house consists of a seemingly permanent structure that is set in place and built responding to a particular layout conceived by an architectural designer or an architect by following either the customer’s directives and needs or the production program of a housing developer.

There are certain features in a house that are of debatable use, nature and location. One of those features is the kitchen where the homemaker or housewife is likely to spend a large portion of the wake hours of the day.

By focusing on the kitchen as the center of the house, most of the debate is centered on its location as either best while facing a view to the busy activities on the street or rather the serenity and beauty of the garden and hanging plants in the backyard.

In this course we will follow a thinking process of a peculiar house conceived by the “rigid and less artistic mind” of an engineer. What makes this house particular and different from the common dwelling is, that it is integrated with a revolving platform which provides a three-hundred-and-sixty degree view to whatever angle desired by the user, whether that access is achieved by the observer walking to a given panoramic window, or by activating the revolving platform to the proper alignment.

This course includes a multiple-choice quiz at the end, which is designed to enhance the understanding of the course materials.

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