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Ruben A. Gomez, PE
Civil Engineer

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Mr. Gomez graduated in 1958 from a five-year engineering experimental program sponsored by the University of Santo Domingo and the University of Puerto Rico. He presently holds professional engineering licenses from several states as well as the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. He gained his extensive experience by working first as a structural engineer, secondly as a prefabrication engineer, thirdly as a soil engineer and lastly as a forensic engineer both in Puerto Rico and the State of Florida.

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Course No. Courses Provided by Ruben A. Gomez, PE PDH Units Current Price Buy Quiz
C618 Prefabrication: An Unfulfilled Promise 2 $59 Buy Quiz
C632 DOME DESIGN: Neither Intricate Nor Difficult 4 $119 Buy Quiz
C633 Unconventional Construction Methods 2 $59 Buy Quiz
C635 The Checkerboard Building System 1 $29 Buy Quiz
C651 Tornado Resistant Homes 4 $119 Buy Quiz
C662 Stairs & Stairways 4 $119 Buy Quiz
C672 Concrete Repair Methods 2 $59 Buy Quiz
C676 The Law of Buoyancy 1 $29 Buy Quiz
C681 Special Foundations - Part I 2 $59 Buy Quiz
C690 Special Foundations - Part II 2 $59 Buy Quiz
C706 Special Foundations - Part III 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C710 Survival Home Strategies 2 $59 Buy Quiz
C726 The Experimental Aluminum House Story 2 $59 Buy Quiz
C792 TERMITES, Wood Enemy #1 2 $59 Buy Quiz
C811 Roofing Solutions (Part One) 2 $59 Buy Quiz
C812 Roofing Solutions (Part Two) 2 $59 Buy Quiz
C813 Roofing Solutions (Part Three) 2 $59 Buy Quiz
C895 Crack Free Ground Slabs 2 $59 Buy Quiz
C931 A House with a Revolving View 3 $89 Buy Quiz
D113 Prefabrication: The Second Time Around 2 $59 Buy Quiz
D125 Prefabrication by Components 2 $59 Buy Quiz
G418 Basics on Forensic Engineering - Part I 2 $59 Buy Quiz
G418T Basics on Forensic Engineering - Part I (Timed & Monitored) 2 $59 Buy Quiz
G419 Basics on Forensic Engineering - Part II 3 $89 Buy Quiz
G420 Basics on Forensic Engineering - Part III 3 $89 Buy Quiz
G421 Basics on Forensic Engineering - Part IV 3 $89 Buy Quiz
G422 Basics on Forensic Engineering - Part V 2 $59 Buy Quiz
G485 The Rule of Thumb 2 $59 Buy Quiz
G519 American Reticence against the DMS 1 $29 Buy Quiz
S271 Simplified Principles of Wind Analysis 3 $89 Buy Quiz
S275 Design of Folded Plates 5 $129 Buy Quiz
S325 Earthquake Resistant Building Design: A Newer Approach 3 $89 Buy Quiz
S327 Three Dimensional Steel Trusses 2 $59 Buy Quiz
S328 Seismic Dampers 3 $89 Buy Quiz
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