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NA N253
Vibro Methods (2-Hour Live Webinar)

Sunil Arora, PE and Hiu Lee

Vibro systems include four different products in the Keller product range. The commonality of these systems is the use of a depth vibrator for the purpose of providing an improved foundation. These products fall into the classification of ground improvement but can be used for many applications including, providing structural support, densifying granular soils, reinforcing cohesive soils and/or mitigating liquefaction. In this webinar you will learn about these different vibro systems and where is appropriate to apply them as a cost-effective foundation solution. Some of the topics to be reviewed are design, quality control, operations, materials, and more.

Keller North America provides a wide range of geotechnical engineering and construction services to improve soils in-place and to both construct new and to rehabilitate foundations. Within our range of services, a Ground Modification solution is generally available for the toughest subsurface conditions.

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