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Keller North America, Inc.
Geotechnical Contractor

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Keller - North America provides a wide range of geotechnical engineering and construction services to improve soils in-place and to both construct new and rehabilitate foundations. Within our range of services, a Ground Modification solution is generally available for the toughest subsurface conditions. Its innovative technologies are instrumental in the successful resolution of many difficult ground engineering problems ranging from sinkholes to liquefiable soils.

Keller - North America presents seminars in various regions of the US. The speakers include many respected experts in the area of ground modification. The following individuals have served as the speakers of the seminars: Christopher M. Kenney, P.E.; James D. Hussin, P.E.; Nigel Osborn, C.Eng; Mark E. Plaskett, P.E.; Joseph P. Welsh, PE; Joseph Cavey, P.E.; Andrew Anderson, P.E.; Andy Peterson; Jim Cahill; Chris Kenney; Andrew Brengola, P.E.; Eric Drooff; Francis Gularte, R.G.E.; Alan Ringen, P.E.; Mark Koelling. P.E.; Art Pengelly; Dennis Boehm; Bruce Stover, PG; John Wolosick, PE; Jeff Hill, PE; Kyle Camper, PE; Ray Franz, PE; and Frank Sweskosky, PE; Tim Avery, PE; Mark Koelling, PE; Alan R. Ringen, PE; Roberto Lopez, PE; Francis Gularte, RGE.

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Course No. Courses Provided by Stacy Smedley, LEED Associate BD+C PDH Units Current Price Buy Quiz
N241 Ground Improvement e-Learning 1 Seminar    
N242 Deep Foundation e-Learning 1 Seminar    
N243 Grouting e-Learning 1 Seminar    
N244 Support of Excavation e-Learning 1 Seminar    
N245 Other Keller Products e-Learning 1 Seminar    
N249 Foundation Alternatives (2-Hour Live Webinar) 2 Seminar    
N250 Ground Improvement (1-Hour Live Webinar) 1 Seminar    
N251 Ground Freezing (1-Hour Live Webinar) 1 Seminar    
N252 Auger Cast Pilling (2-Hour Live Webinar) 2 Seminar    
N253 Vibro Methods (2-Hour Live Webinar) 2 Seminar    
N254 Soil Mixing (2-Hour Live Webinar) 2 Seminar    
N255 Rigid Inclusions (2-Hour Live Webinar) 2 Seminar    
N256 Geotechnical Construction (1-Hour Live Webinar) 1 Seminar    
N257 Micropiles (2-Hour Live Webinar) 2 Seminar    
N258 Drilled Shafts (3-Hour Live Webinar) 3 Seminar    
N259 Wick Drains & Earthquake Drains and Anchors (2-Hour Live Webinar) 2 Seminar    
N260 Dewatering & Groundwater Treatment and Anchors (2-Hour Live Webinar) 2 Seminar    
N261 Diaphragm Walls and Ground Freezing (2-Hour Live Webinar) 2 Seminar    
N262 Jet Grouting and Soil Nailing (2-Hour Live Webinar) 2 Seminar    
N263 Compaction Grouting and Permeation Grouting (2-Hour Live Webinar) 2 Seminar    
N264 Geotechnical Construction (1-Hour Live Webinar) 1 Seminar    
N265 The 10 Commandments of Drilled Shafts (1-Hour Live Webinar) 1 Seminar    
N266 Slope Stabilization (1-Hour Live Webinar) 1 Seminar    
N267 Drilled Shafts & Earth Retention (1-Hour Live Webinar) 1 Seminar    
N268 Helical Pile and Anchoring Solutions (1-Hour Live Webinar) 1 Seminar    
N269 Ground Improvement (1-Hour Live Webinar) 1 Seminar    
N270 Keller Webinar Series: Groundwater Control (1-Hour Live Webinar) 1 Seminar    
N271 Augercast Piles and Deep Soil Mixing (1-Hour Live Webinar) 1 Seminar    
N272 Dewatering & Groundwater Control (1-Hour Live Webinar) 1 Seminar    
N273 Dewatering for Construction Projects on Earth Embankment Dams (Live Webinar) 1.5 Seminar    
N274 Admixtures in Geotechnical Construction (1-Hour Live Webinar) 1 Seminar    
N275 Ground Improvement (1-Hour Seminar) 1 Seminar    
N276 Working Platform Design (1-Hour Live Webinar) 1 Seminar    
N277 Geotechnical Construction Seminar (4-Hour Program, NJ) 4 Seminar    
N278 Aggregate Pier (1-Hour Live Webinar) 1 Seminar    
N279 Ground Improvement (1-Hour Live Webinar) 1 Seminar    
N280 Keller Webinar Series: Liquefaction Mitigation (1-Hour Live Webinar) 1 Seminar    
N281 Geotechnical Construction Conference (Live Seminar) 8 Seminar    
N283 Ground Improvement and Earth Retention 1.5 Seminar    
N284 Geotechnical Construction (1-Hour Live Webinar) 1 Seminar    
N285 Identifying Targets Effectively: VPs, RIs and CFA/D Piles (1-Hour Live Webinar) 1 Seminar    
N286 Code of Business Conduct e-Learning 1 Seminar    
N287 Micropile Load Testing and QA/QC Procedures (1-Hour Live Webinar) 1 Seminar    
N288 Geotechnical Construction Seminar (Two Hour Program) 2 Seminar    
N289 Instrumentation in Geotechnical Construction (1-Hour Live Webinar) 1 Seminar    
N290 Load Testing Sometimes Brings Out the Unexpected (1-Hour Live Webinar) 1 Seminar    
N291 Advancing Sustainability in Geotechnical Engineering and Construction (1-Hour Live Webinar) 1 Seminar    
N292 Micropiles - Design and Construction (1-Hour Live Program) 1 Seminar    
N293 Ground Modification and Instrumentation Seminar (4-Hour Live Program) 4 Seminar    
N294 Foundations and Geotechnical Construction Technologies (1-Hour Live Seminar) 1 Seminar    
N295 Geotechnical Solutions with Multiple Techniques (1-Hour Live Webinar) 1 Seminar    
N296 Geotechnical Techniques in Tunneling Construction (NYC, Live Seminar) 5.5 Seminar    
N297 Keller Webinar Series: Deep Soil Mixing (Live Webinar) 1 Seminar    
N298 Deep Soil Mixing (Live Webinar) 1 Seminar    
N312 Keller Webinar Series: Ground Freezing (Live Webinar) 1 Seminar    
N313 Keller Geotechnical/Foundation Construction Technologies and Their Role in Design, Construction, and Remediation (Live Seminar) 4 Seminar    
N314 Tank Support Solutions (Live Seminar) 1 Seminar    
N319 Keller Seismic Knowledge Lecture Series: Lessons from History (Live Webinar) 1 Seminar    
N320 Drilled Shaft Design and Construction (1-Hour Live Seminar) 1 Seminar    
N321 Geotechnical Instrumentation and Monitoring in Civil Engineering Projects (Live Webinar) 1 Seminar    
N322 Shake Table Testing in Studying Liquefaction-Induced Shallow Foundation Settlement and Mitigation Measures (Live Webinar) 1 Seminar    
N323 Effective Ground Improvement Methods for Counteracting Liquefaction Lateral Spreading (Live Webinar) 1 Seminar    
N324 Liquefaction Susceptibility and Cyclic Resistance (Live Webinar) 1 Seminar    
N325 Seismic Stability of PG&E's Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant (Live Webinar) 1 Seminar    
N326 Application of the CPT to Evaluate Soil Liquefaction (Live Webinar) 1 Seminar    
N327 A New Probabilistic Approach to Liquefaction Susceptibility and Triggering in CPT-Compatible Soils (Live Webinar) 1 Seminar    
N328 Dewatering & Geotechnical Construction Techniques for Coal Combustion Residual Pond Closures (Live Seminar) 6.5 Seminar    
N329 Tank Support Solutions (Live Seminar) 1.5 Seminar    
N330 Beneficial Use of Off-Specification and High Organic Content Fly Ashes (Live Seminar) 1 Seminar    
N331 Geotechnical Instrumentation (Live Seminar) 1 Seminar    
N332 Ground Improvement and Structural Support Solutions (Live Seminar) 1.5 Seminar    
N333 Coastal Resiliency and Heavily Loaded Bulkhead Structures (Live Seminar) 1.5 Seminar    
N334 Brickell Fire Station - Deep Soil Mix Excavation (Site Visit and Presentation) 2 Seminar    
N335 The 11th International Symposium on Ground Freezing (3-Day Seminar) 12 Seminar    
N336 Ground Improvement (1-Hour Seminar) 1 Seminar    
N337 2024 Geotechnical Construction Conference (3-Day Seminar) 9 Seminar    
N338 Geo-Structural Solutions (1-Hour Seminar) 1 Seminar    
N339 Sustainability in the Geotechnical Industry (1-Hour Webinar) 1 Seminar    
N340 Introducing Building Transparency & Its Suite of Open-Access Tools and Programs (1-Hour Webinar) 1 Seminar    
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