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Keller North America, Inc.
Geotechnical Contractor

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Hayward Baker Inc. is the leading Ground Modification specialty contractor in North America. As part of the worldwide Keller Group, Hayward Baker provides a range of geotechnical engineering and construction services to improve soil in place and to rehabilitate foundations. Its innovative technologies are instrumental in the successful resolution of many difficult ground engineering problems ranging from sinkholes to liquefiable soils.

Hayward Baker presents seminars in various regions of the US. The speakers include many respected experts in the area of ground modification. The following individuals have served as the speakers of the seminars: Christopher M. Kenney, P.E.; James D. Hussin, P.E.; Nigel Osborn, C.Eng; Mark E. Plaskett, P.E.; Joseph P. Welsh, PE; Joseph Cavey, P.E.; Andrew Anderson, P.E.; Andy Peterson; Jim Cahill; Chris Kenney; Andrew Brengola, P.E.; Eric Drooff; Francis Gularte, R.G.E.; Alan Ringen, P.E.; Mark Koelling. P.E.; Art Pengelly; Dennis Boehm; Bruce Stover, PG; John Wolosick, PE; Jeff Hill, PE; Kyle Camper, PE; Ray Franz, PE; and Frank Sweskosky, PE; Tim Avery, PE; Mark Koelling, PE; Alan R. Ringen, PE; Roberto Lopez, PE; Francis Gularte, RGE.

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Course No. Courses Provided by Andres Baquerizo, PE PDH Units Current Price Buy Quiz
N221 Geotechnical Construction Seminar (4-Hour Program, FL) 4 Seminar    
N222 Underpinning Webinar (1-Hour Live Program) 1 Seminar    
N223 Geotechnical Construction Seminar (1-Hour Program, IL) 1 Seminar    
N224 Geotechnical Construction Seminar (3-Hour Program, VA) 3 Seminar    
N225 Geotechnical Construction Seminar (1.5-Hour Program, NJ) 1.5 Seminar    
N226 Geotechnical Construction Seminar (1-Hour Program, NY) 1 Seminar    
N227 Geotechnical Construction Seminar (1.5-Hour Program, VA) 1.5 Seminar    
N228 Foundations Technologies and Their Role in Design, Construction and Remediation 1 Seminar    
N229 Geotechnical Construction Seminar (1-Hour Program, NY) 1 Seminar    
N230 Geotechnical Construction Seminar (1-Hour Program, NY) 1 Seminar    
N231 Geotechnical Construction Seminar (4-Hour Program, MI) 4 Seminar    
N232 Geotechnical Construction Seminar (1-Hour Program, NY) 1 Seminar    
N233 HNTB Geotechnical Construction Seminar (1-Hour Program, NJ) 1 Seminar    
N234 Keller North America Product Training (3-Day Program, TX) 13 Seminar    
N235 Geotechnical Construction (Live Webinar) 1 Seminar    
N236 Ground Improvement | Earth Retention (1-Hour Live Webinar) 1 Seminar    
N237 Keller's Product Cross Training - Ground Improvement (Live Seminar) 8 Seminar    
N238 Keller's Product Cross Training - Deep Foundations (Live Seminar) 5 Seminar    
N239 Earth Retention | Soil Mixing | Grouting (1.5-Hour Live Webinar) 1.5 Seminar    
N240 Drilled Shafts | Design and Construction (1-Hour Live Webinar) 1 Seminar    
N241 Ground Improvement e-Learning 1 Seminar    
N242 Deep Foundation e-Learning 1 Seminar    
N243 Grouting e-Learning 1 Seminar    
N244 Support of Excavation e-Learning 1 Seminar    
N245 Other Keller Products e-Learning 1 Seminar    
N246 Augercast Piles and Deep Soil Mixing (2-Hour Live Webinar) 1 Seminar    
N247 Foundation Alternatives (1-Hour Live Webinar) 1 Seminar    
N248 Low-Strain Integrity Testing of Deep Foundations (1-Hour Live Webinar) 1 Seminar    
N249 Foundation Alternatives (2-Hour Live Webinar) 2 Seminar    
N250 Ground Improvement (1-Hour Live Webinar) 1 Seminar    
N251 Ground Freezing (1-Hour Live Webinar) 1 Seminar    
N252 Auger Cast Pilling (2-Hour Live Webinar) 2 Seminar    
N253 Vibro Methods (2-Hour Live Webinar) 2 Seminar    
N254 Soil Mixing (2-Hour Live Webinar) 2 Seminar    
N255 Rigid Inclusions (2-Hour Live Webinar) 2 Seminar    
N256 Geotechnical Construction (1-Hour Live Webinar) 1 Seminar    
N257 Micropiles (2-Hour Live Webinar) 2 Seminar    
N258 Drilled Shafts (3-Hour Live Webinar) 3 Seminar    
N259 Wick Drains & Earthquake Drains and Anchors (2-Hour Live Webinar) 2 Seminar    
N260 Dewatering & Groundwater Treatment and Anchors (2-Hour Live Webinar) 2 Seminar    
N261 Diaphragm Walls and Ground Freezing (2-Hour Live Webinar) 2 Seminar    
N262 Jet Grouting and Soil Nailing (2-Hour Live Webinar) 2 Seminar    
N263 Compaction Grouting and Permeation Grouting (2-Hour Live Webinar) 2 Seminar    
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