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John Poullain, PE
Civil Engineer

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John Poullain, PE has a BS degree in civil engineering. He has over 35 years in various fields of civil engineering, which was performed in the public and private sectors. His main field of experience includes design of state, county and recreational roads and appurtenances, road relocation’s, recreation site design, levees and interior storm drainage ditching, earth dams, military airfield construction, river channel improvements and alterations and wildlife enhancement projects.

He prepared field investigations, environmental site assessments and remediation reports for hazardous waste removal sites and underground storage tank (UST) removal sites. His work involved writing reports, plans and specifications, construction cost estimates, man-hour estimates and design schedules. He served as either project manager or technical manager on projects.

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Course No. Courses Provided by John Huang, Ph.D., PE and John Poullain, PE PDH Units Current Price Buy Quiz
C163 Beneficial Use of Dredged Material 2 $59 Buy Quiz
C164 Soil Stabilization for Pavements 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C165 General Principles of Pumping Station Layout 2 $59 Buy Quiz
C168 Monitoring Well Design, Installation and Reporting Guidelines at HTRW Sites 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C170 Hazardous and Toxic Waste Disposal Technologies 2 $59 Buy Quiz
C176 Guidelines for Hazardous and Toxic Waste Collection and Removal 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C178 Guidelines for Contaminated Ground Water Plume Management 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C179 Surface Water and Gas Control Guidelines for HTW Sites 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C183 Guidelines for Treatment of Liquid Waste Streams 2 $59 Buy Quiz
C185 Chemical Treatment of Liquid Waste Streams 2 $59 Buy Quiz
C187 Guidelines for Streambank Protection 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C188 Soil Erosion and Sediment Control 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C189 Solidification/Stabilization Treatment Methods 2 $59 Buy Quiz
C192 Subsurface Barriers for Contaminated Sites 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C195 Ground Improvement Methods - Grouting 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C196 Stormwater Control Practices 2 $59 Buy Quiz
C197 Wetland Development 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C204 Protective Coastal Beaches and Dredging 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C205 O & M of Dredge Containment 2 $59 Buy Quiz
C206 Metal Corrosion - Causes and Types 1 $29 Buy Quiz
C208 Indoor Air Quality - Home 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C209 Indoor Air Quality - Buildings 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C215 Indoor Mold Sampling 2 $59 Buy Quiz
C216 Mold Remediation in the Workplace-OSHA Guide 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C225 Excavation Hazard Recognition- OSHA Standards 2 $59 Buy Quiz
C227 Indoor Mold and Moisture Basics 2 $59 Buy Quiz
C229 Air and Vapor Barrier Basics 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C232 UST Systems - Maintenance Basics 2 $59 Buy Quiz
C237 Offshore Oil and Gas Pipeline Basics 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C239 Underground Natural Gas Storage Basics 2 $59 Buy Quiz
C240 Ground Improvement Guidelines 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C243 Laboratory Testing of Soils 4 $129 Buy Quiz
C249 Groundwater Investigations 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C250 Drilling and Sampling of Soil and Rock 4 $119 Buy Quiz
C252 Boring Log Preparation 4 $119 Buy Quiz
C260 Planning Subsurface Investigations 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C264 Laboratory Testing and Interpretation of Rock Properties 4 $119 Buy Quiz
C268 In Situ Subsurface Testing 4 $119 Buy Quiz
C270 Advanced Oil & Gas Drilling Technology 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C274 Beneficial Use of Dredged Material – Habitat 4 $119 Buy Quiz
C277 Dredging Methods and Equipment 4 $119 Buy Quiz
C285 Procedures for Soil Sampling in Borings 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C289 Sampling from Test Pits, Trenches and Stockpiles 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C292 Ponds - Planning and Construction Guidelines 4 $119 Buy Quiz
C301 Drill Rig Selection 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C310 Clean Air Act – Taking Toxics Out of the Air 4 $119 Buy Quiz
C313 Underwater Sampling of Soils 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C315 Expansive Soil Stabilization 4 $119 Buy Quiz
C330 Sampling Frozen Soils 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C336 Guidelines for Geotechnical Reports 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C348 Construction & Demolition Debris Reduction 2 $59 Buy Quiz
C354 Underground Construction (Tunneling) - OSHA Standards 1 $29 Buy Quiz
C358 Geotechnical Issues in Pavement Design 4 $119 Buy Quiz
C363 Pavement Subdrains & Subgrade Improvements 5 $129 Buy Quiz
C370 Geotechnical Exploration and Testing for Roads 5 $129 Buy Quiz
C374 Geotechnical Issues of Road Construction & On Site Monitoring 4 $119 Buy Quiz
C385 Corrosion Control of Reinforced Concrete 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C399 Asphalt Pavement - Distress Identification 2 $59 Buy Quiz
C405 Concrete Pavement - Distress Identification 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C407 Geotechnical Review Checklists - P & S 2 $59 Buy Quiz
C411 Roadway Shoulder Treatments – Rumble Strips 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C417 Coastal Highways – Coastal Science Concepts 4 $119 Buy Quiz
C420 Coastal Highways – Planning & Design Issues 4 $119 Buy Quiz
C465 Concrete Pavement Preservation 4 $119 Buy Quiz
C509 Full-Depth Concrete Pavement Repair 2 $59 Buy Quiz
C511 Partial-Depth Concrete Pavement Repair 2 $59 Buy Quiz
C524 Dowel Bar Retrofit 2 $59 Buy Quiz
C534 Construction Stormwater Runoff – Sediment Controls 4 $119 Buy Quiz
C537 Pavements- Joint Resealing & Crack Sealing 2 $59 Buy Quiz
C548 Stormwater Control Measures-Post Construction 4 $119 Buy Quiz
C558 Diamond Grinding & Grooving 2 $59 Buy Quiz
C590 Concrete Admixtures 2 $59 Buy Quiz
C650 Soil Identification by Visual-Manual Methods 2 $59 Buy Quiz
C654 Landfill Gas Collection O & M 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C670 Treatment Technologies for Contaminated Soils 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C671 Biological Treatment of Contaminated Soils 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C677 Landfill Gas-to-Energy Development 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C689 Wetland Restoration & Enhancement Planning 2 $59 Buy Quiz
C707 Wetland Restoration & Enhancement Design 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C738 Green Roofs – Benefits & Challenges 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C794 DOE Enhanced Oil Recovery Program 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C795 Enhanced Oil Recovery-Carbon Dioxide Injection 2 $59 Buy Quiz
C816 Coastal Buildings – Maintenance and Retrofits 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C864 Wetlands - Planning, Design & Construction Processes 4 $119 Buy Quiz
C893 Rain Gardens – Small Wetlands 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C894 Stormwater Wetland Management Guide 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C899 Environmental Benefits of Advanced Oil & Gas Production 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C916 Passive House Design 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C923 Beneficial Use of Dredged Material 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C934 Sustainable Building Materials 3 $89 Buy Quiz
C936 Materials Selection for Sustainable Buildings 2 $59 Buy Quiz
C947 Sustainable Building Design 4 $119 Buy Quiz
C958 Corrosion Control in Engineering Design 3 $89 Buy Quiz
H119 Estimating Storm Water Runoff 2 $59 Buy Quiz
S173 Concrete Maintenance Guidelines 1 $29 Buy Quiz
S175 Concrete Repair - Selection of Repair Methods 3 $89 Buy Quiz
S176 Concrete Removal and Repair - Methods and Materials 3 $89 Buy Quiz
S196 Low-Density Concrete Basics 3 $89 Buy Quiz
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